The experience of using El Macho

This history has decided to share with us Ivanka from Dobrich (Bulgaria). The woman has said about the problem of her husband, and he talked about how drops to increase the power El Macho gave them a second honeymoon.

The experience of El Macho

My husband and I have been married for almost 15 years. In sex, we have never had any problems. As from the beginning perfect the one to the other in terms of intimate. After the birth of the first child we could not even wait until when the doctor will resolve the sexual intimacy. After the birth of second child our enthusiasm in the bed temporarily subsided, because I put on a little weight. Not that the husband did not want to make me slightly full – are shy, and then he decided to bring a form of order. A couple of months diet and regular fitness classes has brought its fruits are round in shape, and my complex little by little they are gone, and thanks to this the quality of sexual life is back to the previous level.

As we started to have problems in bed

After about 3 years I began to notice that we have drastically worsened the sex, both in terms of quality, both in terms of regularity. After work, the husband came up, I lie down on the sofa and long vacation. I stopped hearing from him the compliments, we have lost a spouse for the free time, and before I go to bed all that I could wait a maximum of a kiss on the cheek. I thought that, perhaps, has ceased to attract its man physically, because in these years it has really gained up to 15 kilos. That's why I decided to go with a friend in the gym.

For six months, my body has become very fit, lose weight, almost completely gone (just a little were the hips and belly, but it is more likely that age is the problem, that it was impossible to remove). I thought that, as my weight loss my husband and I have will improve and sex life, but I was wrong. Her husband still didn't want me. For a lover I'm not even worried, because I have strict conservative, and try disgust even to chat "on the side".

Then I redid the wardrobe, went to a beauty salon, but also a compliment to me got nothing. My friends have started to say that maybe the sex has become, he's not interesting because of the routine, which perhaps lacks the variety and the freshness of the feelings. But all my attempts to bring something new in the love life have been completely avoided. So I decided that the problem is really serious, so she decided to talk with him closely.

When the children were of my grandmother in the end of the week, I had an interview. I wasn't going to ask for the divorce, but decided to scare the husband of this, in any way shake his. The husband is very scared and has started to convince me that it has none, that I am the best and the only in his life of the woman. Then I started to push him, to understand, what is the problem? For a long time I didn't want to say it, but the prospect of divorce be forced to admit that he had problems with the power. Not that the erection is not disappeared, but has become very rare and delicate. From one side I was glad that the cause of the lack of sex in our family, not a lover, but on the other hand was shocked to distrust her husband, and of course fear for the state of health, in fact, is still quite young.

Drops El Macho the best tool to increase the power

I don't want to write, what labors I had to convince him to visit a doctor, but I still did. In general, the doctor has recommended less nervous, smoking cessation, and less overload of excessively high physical activity (her husband worked as a welder, and the nature of the activities had to lift a lot of weights). Also the doctor has prescribed drops El Machothat would help to treat her health of men. Smoking cessation and the work that the husband completely refused, then just drink the drops for him it was no problem. The composition of a drug is natural and harmless, so I was quiet for the absence of contraindications and side effects, even if doubts about the efficiency.

For the first 3 days no change, I have not noticed, already had time to be angry, but on the fourth day on my surprise before I go to sleep husband has started flirting with me in the bed. The sex was not good and not particularly long, but the moral satisfaction of what sexual intimacy occurred, I was very pleased. The day after we had a sexual contact, that I have remembered for a long time: I've had so bright orgasm, that the younger son for breakfast, he said: "Mom, you have a severe toothache? You're so strong, moaning in the night, that I woke up, and I feel sorry for you". This was the best compliment to my husband!

The sex and 'become daily, so we decided to take a little while to be alone, for up to enjoy each other. So as the kids had summer vacation, we sent to the house of the grandmother of 3 weeks, and we have experienced ourselves a second honeymoon! The husband said that so I wanted that in the minutes counted, when ends the day, and back at home, in my arms. The hard sex we had before marriage! We were also able to bring back to life all the advice my friends in terms of how to diversify the sexual life.

No later than one month after the administration of drops El Macho the husband has stopped drinking, and sex, of course, became a little less (and it's the best thing, in fact, for full sexual satisfaction, we would have had to give the children away from the grandmother for ever), but for the quality and duration of us it is all in place.

Remembering, as I have suffered of lack of attention from her husband, and how we managed to get rid of it no problems, I have decided to write our story, other couples are not in a hurry to divorce, and to suspect each other of infidelity, but simply to talk about their issues openly and together they decided to their. The causes of violation of the power can be many (people, physical and psychological), but for their decisions are an effective tool – drops El Macho. I can say that the drug works 100%, because in this we have seen from personal experience!