Reviews El Macho

  • Alain
    The feeling, when morally you want to have sex, but physically you can not stay with me forever. It was so terrible and humiliating. But I'm glad that my wife has supported me, helped me to gather strength and see a doctor. Fortunately, the process is completely reversible, and with the help of drops el macho I fully regained his sexual function.
  • Christian
    I began to notice that the erection is less, and it is presented to you immediately, as before, but something happened, there was a need to try enough. In general, so much so that the erection was precisely during sexual contact, or simply was not. Then I decided to look for some pathogen. The bed, which drops El Macho natural composition, and damage to health will not bring, then this drug is become to me a perfect choice as a doctor I have not consulted. Pretty much after the first sessions of power has become the same, as in youth.
  • Valérie
    Husband visibly fattened, and more increased his weight, the less we had sex. A few moments of intimacy and she isn't missing from our lives. To me, this situation is not going well, but the doctor husband to go categorically rejected. I decided to visit a specialist, and he recommended the drops El Macho. Thanks to this drug we now have to read everything as if it were yesterday we just got married.
  • Pierre
    I have met a new girl, and she liked it so much, that before sexual closeness, I was afraid, as a little boy. In general, because of this I have nothing. Gave me a second chance, but the first failure for all the time that I had in my head was, and it still did not work. I am so worried about this land, which already had a fear of something new to try. In general, we had to see a specialist. The doctor advised me to use the drops el machothanks, I feel like a real man. Now to bed there are no problems.
  • Marie
    I started to notice that the husband, as if to avoid me intimacy: the get up soon, he is tired, I have a headache. Well, I knew right away what it is. He has shared with friends the problem for you, and one advised me to el macho – her husband wrote these drops the doctor. Well, I bought it and gave it to her husband under vista for the headache, when once again you came up reason for not having sex. Dose I put the double, then the sex happened that same evening. I said to my husband on medication, and it is played drops throughout the course. And now we have to bed, as if the paradise!
Reviews El Macho